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Backed by over 150 years of innovation, Armstrong World Industries Ltd is a global leader in supplying ceiling and wall solutions in market segments such as Office, Education, Health, Retail, Transport and Hospitality.

Armstrong remains a foremost name in the building industry, known and trusted for reliable quality & technological innovations. Armstrong’s offers a peerless portfolio of materials (mineral, metal, wood, resin and fabric) and systems (including TECH ZONE which guarantees the integration of services such as lighting, air handling, loudspeakers and chilled beams).

Acoustic Solutions

Armstrong can provide product specifications for a complete range of acoustic solutions (Intelligibility, Concentration and Confidentiality)  such as mineral, wood, metal tiles and canopies to invisible in-ceiling speaker systems designed to improve audibility. We also have a number of useful acoustic tools on our acoustic micro site. A ‘reverberation simulator’ which compares the different reverberation times of various tiles to help specifiers make the best choice for their desired sound quality and a ceiling selector, complete with in-situ tile images, to assist in making decisions about style and material. For further acoustic solutions visit   www.acousticalceilings.co.uk

Sustainable Solutions:

Armstrong sustainable innovations include:

  • End Of Life (EOL) Recycling Scheme. Armstrong offers a free collection programme for refurbishment / strip out projects of 2000m2+, anywhere in the UK. The ceiling tiles are 100% recycled into the mix and are processed into new ceiling tiles.
  • Off Cut Recycling Scheme (OCR). Off-cut ceiling tiles from new ceiling installations are stored on site in specially supplied bags and collected by Armstrong to be recycled into new ceiling tiles.

Design Bespoke Solutions – Armstrong Atelier

Armstrong Atelier is a portfolio of solutions designed to take the relationship between architect/designer and building interior solutions provider to unprecedented levels. Armstrong Atelier comprises a specially recruited team of multi-talented, versatile experts comprising CAD designers, project managers and technical sales representatives and a portfolio of intelligent, efficient, cost-effective tailored ceiling and wall solutions for even the most challenging of creative and technical briefs.

Armstrong Atelier can be previewed on the new dedicated website www.armstrong-atelier.eu.